Creative Gems among our Katoomba Community!

Greenwood Katoomba saw its yoga & music studio transform into an art gallery, in celebration of Katoomba’s Inaugural Arts Prize.

Art is such an important element to the education of a child. Not only is it a form of self expression, it allows a child to develop a sense of belonging and identity. Art provides an outlet for children to communicate their emotions in ways they may not typically be able to.

Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s infamous quote, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, inspired the opportunity for artists to investigate their personal perspective on the theme of ‘education’. Aside from the range of creative talents on display, it was wonderful to see such a warm and intimate crowd gather in celebration of the talent within our Blue Mountains community.

The Arts Prize offered a valuable platform for our community to contribute and engage in the space of Education. The lifelong involvement of the community in the growth of children remains at the cornerstone of the Greenwood philosophy. Greenwood continues its commitment to the growth of community unity and acceptance, and hopes Art Prizes in the future will help support our local communities.

Greenwood Katoomba wishes to acknowledge and thank every individual who contributed to the Arts Prize.

A special congratulations to our local winners of Katoomba Greenwood’s 2016 Arts Prize, Bethany Kolos, Melanie Michael, Peter Shoemark and Yvonne Larkins.

The amount and talent that was on show in these pieces overwhelmed us. We invite you to view the artworks of our winners and finalists at Greenwood Katoomba, which will be on display throughout February.

Art is such an important part of the education of a child, we hope as your children are walking through their centre, they will be given the inspiration to embrace and unleash their own artistic streak.

Each Winner receives prize money of $500 and a further $500 for their charity of choice.

 katoomba group art winners

Greenwood Early Education Centres CEO, Carol Tannous-Sleiman standing among Katoomba Centre Leader, Erica Hobby and local artist winners, Yvonne Larkins, Peter Shoemark and Melanie Michael. Bethany Kolos (absent) and fifth winner was Sydney based, Kate Dambach. 

Author: G8 Education

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