Early Literacy

Strong literacy skills form the bedrock of academic success. The word ‘literacy’ often makes people think of school, but children do not wait until they start school to develop literacy skills. In fact the foundations of literacy are found in a wider range of skills including speaking, listening, reading, watching, drawing and writing.

To ensure that every Greenwood child is confident and ready for school, we have developed our G Knowledge program to encourage early literacy skills. G Knowledge is integrated with a recognised phonics program as used in primary schools. This program allows children to be introduced to a new alphabet story and letter every week with the guidance of our experienced Educators.


Below are some of the individual skills and early literacy experiences we provide each child:

Speaking and Listening

  • Developing confidence in talking to people
  • Telling people how they feel or what they need
  • Asking questions, planning and predicting
  • Learning to take turns in conversations
  • Answering the phone
  • Storytelling, singing songs and saying rhymes
  • Practice carrying out both simple and complex instructions
  • Taking in information and responding

Reading and Watching

  • Recognising letters and words
  • Matching games with real objects, shapes, pictures or words
  • Interpreting road signs, traffic lights, food and drink containers, letterbox numbers, bus and train stops
  • Reading stories together and discussing themes
  • Sharing and talking about letters or cards from family and friends, then sending a response
  • Learning how to enjoy reading and watching without interruptions
  • Interacting with audio, video and educational game content

Drawing and Writing

  • Getting used to holding a pencil, crayon and using a touch screen device
  • Learning to solve drawing problems and puzzles
  • Forming letter shapes, learning the letters in their name
  • Illustrating a story or something they have seen or done
  • Making a pictorial shopping list
  • Drawing pictures of people, things, animals and places with increasing detail
  • Creating maps and group art pieces


Learn more about G Knowledge, Greenwood’s Early Literacy Program.