eMh space

Greenwood places a high value on creative expression, with each of our Centres custom designed to create a space that is educational and stimulating for children to enjoy everyday.

To bring a unique and individual look to each of the playrooms at Greenwood we have collaborated with local Sydney artist Em Hannaford from eMh space.

vintage globes



Em has worked in visual merchandising, marketing, events styling and art installation for over 10 years. Her latest project, eMh space, draws on these experiences to design and formulate installations, creating the ideal theme for any space.

Her work is largely inspired by flora and landscape, the success of a country upbringing. By utilizing these elements Em has been able to develop a unique style that focused on bringing the outside in.

These days, Em’s installations are the combination of many essentials, sources from paddocks, quirky bric-a-brac markets, reverse recycling and everything in between. This diversity allows her installations to create a desired theme for any space.

flower mobile