Emily Brown Talks About Greenwood’s Pre-Kinder Program

Today we’re chatting with Emily Brown – Greenwood’s Educational Leader.

Many of you may already know Emily as one of our Lead Educators. Recently she has moved into a key role as Greenwood’s Educational Leader, with a primary focus on our Pre-Kinder Program.

Greenwood provides a specially developed program for children who are about to start kindergarten, making sure that they have not just the academic skills they need, but the confidence to embrace change and make friends.











Hi Emily, can you describe the way that Greenwood’s Pre-Kinder Program prepares children for school?

The Greenwood Curriculum is broken into different areas, each focusing on a different part of a child’s development. There is an emphasis on school readiness in every part of the Curriculum.

The G Knowledge Program teaches children the names and sounds of letters, and how to connect letters to make words and sentences. We teach them how to sound out vowels and consonants, and how to write. Meanwhile, the G Whiz program teaches children how to count, add, subtract and multiply. This program also covers spatial awareness and recognition of shapes and colours.

As part of the G Active Program, children are taught fine motor skills – such as how to hold a pen. Core body strength is also really important for children who are about to enter school, as it assists with sitting properly in a classroom – which is why Greenwood’s yoga program is so useful. Our yoga program as helps to refine the children’s attention spans while improving their ability to follow instructions, as well as developing physical coordination skills.

We also teach children the skills they will need for school sport, including how to roll their arms up to catch a ball, and how to push their arms forward to throw. Beyond the mere physical skills, Greenwood’s sports program also establishes collaborative skills, and teaches children how to work with each other in small and large groups. Children are encouraged to take turns and support each other, which also helps to build self esteem.

What kind of questions do parents usually ask you about the transition from preschool to kindergarten?

The top questions are:

  • What do children need to know before they start school?
  • Is my child ready to start school?
  • What can we do at home to help our child transition from preschool to kindergarten?
  • What should we do to prepare our child?

What makes Greenwood different to other Early Education Centres?

Greenwood has amazing facilities, and a wealth of resources, which immediately gives our Centres an advantage. Our Educators are our other greatest asset, with everyone on the team willing to give 110%.

Greenwood’s Curriculum is also unique, in the sense that it focuses on every aspect of a child’s development, not just their academic skills. Our Curriculum is also really well implemented across all Centres.

What kind of initiatives would you like to introduce at Greenwood?

One initiative I would like to introduce is a passion for exploration and research. By this I mean creating learning scenarios in which the children become the teachers, where they can uncover more information about their interests through books, newspapers, videos and the internet. If a child has an interest in a particular field, we could also invite an industry expert to come in and talk to them, and we can take the children on excursions. This would help to foster a love of learning while developing the children’s knowledge of the world around them.

Is there anything you would like to tell parents?

Don’t feel afraid to ask questions. We value your input, and we’re here to support you.

Now enrolling…

Greenwood is currently enrolling for 2016! Please make an enquiry or give us a call on: 1300 9 47 336

Author: G8 Education

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