Every Chance to Learn

Children today are growing up immersed in a technological world very different to that of their parents. Today’s parents are often confused and concerned about their child’s use of technology. Helping Greenwood to integrate the safe, educational and appropriate use of technology as part of our curriculum is Dr Kristy Goodwin, a leading expert on children and technology.

Dr Goodwin is the Director of Every Chance to Learn, an Honorary Associate at Macquarie University and a Mum! Her practical, evidence-based approach is refreshing in this new field often characterised by media-hype and conflicting research.

At Greenwood we strive to integrate the latest technology into every aspect of our Centres, from the ease of the electronic kiosk sign in that parents use everyday, to utilising the best of technology in a classroom setting and in one-on-one learning interactions between our Educators and children. Drawing from the latest research, Dr Goodwin is contributing to the Greenwood curriculum through the authentic integration of technology into specific lesson plans, advising our Educators about developmentally-appropriate use of technology and making sure that Greenwood children have access to only the best educational apps, software and hardware. We also look forward to Dr Goodwin providing helpful advice for our parents via the Greenwood blog.

Dr Kristy Goodwin

Dr Goodwin has conducted extensive research into early brain development and the impact that new technologies have on young children’s learning including the use of touch-screen technology such as iPads. For more information, ask a Greenwood Educator to demonstrate the educational applications and latest devices from Apple that are available for your children, ages 2-6 years, to use everyday.