G Knowledge

G Knowledge has been designed to develop strong literacy skills by teaching children about sound, expression, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking.

Greenwood’s early literacy program is integrated with a recognised multi-sensory phonics program – as used in many primary schools. It supports children to recognise print in the environment, look for visual clues, and retain new information about letters, labels and sounds.

Phonemic awareness is the art of being able to hear the sounds of speech in oral language. This is encouraged through interactive stories and rhymes. Additionally, Greenwood’s rooms are filled with books, and our writing centers help to develop handwriting.



G Knowledge: Milestones


  • Looks at pictures
  • Recognises familiar objects
  • Turns pages in board books
  • Carries books around
  • Enjoys pointing and labelling

Early Learners

  • Enjoys familiar books (over and over)
  • Tracks text in a big book
  • Enjoys sounds and rhymes
  • Sings familiar songs and rhymes
  • Searches for a favourite book on the shelf
  • Requests the same book
  • Scribbles on paper
  • Recognises items by sight
  • Understands that writing is communicating
  • Can find items by sight when shopping


  • Reads simple words
  • Recognises own name when written
  • Identifies individual letters
  • Identifies the beginning letter
  • Begins to play simple “I spy” games
  • Sings many songs
  • Begins to write own name
  • Begins to sound names
  • Begins to look for labels in the environment
  • Begins to invent own spelling
  • Begins to make own signs
  • Uses visuals to understand their world



How the G Knowledge Program is Implemented:

Greenwood’s Educators engage the children by having real conversations with them and encouraging them to talk instead of using gestures. Children are also encouraged to talk to each other inside the classroom as well as during meal and play times.

As part of the G Knowledge Program, books are read and discussed with the children, and materials are provided to inspire an interest in reading. Educators help children distinguish between pictures and words while exploring the orientation and direction of books.

Children are encouraged to have fun with language, building awareness of rhymes, alliteration, and syllables. G Knowledge is also about coming up with ideas and being imaginative.




Examples of G Knowledge Activities:


  • Point and label picture books
  • Notice patterns in the environment
  • Listen to nursery rhymes
  • Look at board books
  • Repeat sounds

Early Learners

  • Sing silly songs
  • Look at books
  • Listen to Jolly Phonics songs
  • Play Simon Says
  • Look at felt board stories
  • Talk about places and people


  • Go on an alphabet hunt
  • Play puppet games
  • Retell stories
  • Play alphabet memory games
  • Engage with the Jolly Phonics letter of the week
  • Sing silly songs
  • Look at felt board stories
  • Write names
  • Look for words that begin with certain letters
  • Play Eye Spy

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics


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