G-Learning at Greenwood Frenchs Forest

The dynamic duo running our successful early learning Centre, Greenwood Frenchs Forest, have been with the Centre since its very beginning. Laura, the Centre Leader and Rachel, the Community Manager are leading the charge for Greenwood in forming the futures for the children of Frenchs Forest, helping shape amazing global citizens, ready for the world!


We are committed to giving children the most balanced start in their lives. With an emphasis on the creation of worldly, educated and kind personalities, we stress to our children the importance of giving back to and being a part of their own communities. As a part of the uniquely crafted G-Learning Curriculum, our children have French, yoga, cooking, gardening and sport classes regularly, housed in the beautiful specially made centres that invoke a homely environment as soon as you walk in the front door.


Within the G-Learning Curriculum that all of our Greenwood centres adhere to are the G-Pillars. These pillars are fundamental to a child’s learning in their centre, with each one signifying one of the 6 vital skills for a child to learn in their continued education. The pillars are: G Me: Emotional awareness and resilience; G Active: Physical development; G Knowledge: Early literacy; G Whiz: Early numeracy and technology; G Talent: Art, music and movement; G Earth: Exploration of the natural world.


Events are another noteworthy element of our childrens’ experience at Greenwood that each centre undertakes to celebrate and commemorate days of significance over the year. One of the more recent events was Mother’s Day, with the children and their mothers having a very special morning tea, making memories for life, and giving their mothers some presents to cherish.


We spoke with Laura at the beautiful state of the art centre in the heart of Frenchs Forest.


What’s your favourite part of the centre?
Every little detail – the care and love that is devoted to every part of the centre still amazes me. Our team crafted the most astonishing environment that it even makes me want to stop and explore everything. Greenwood truly captures the “child’s play” spirit that sits within every adult. I wish I could bounce on the Jumping Pillow all day long!


Of the 6 G Pillars, which resonates most with you?
G Earth. My grandfather was a gardener, so my link to natural environments has stemmed from that relationship. Even more so, I believe the learning and exploration that spurs from a connection with the physical environment is invaluable at any age.


What do you consider to be most empowering for a child?
The ability for their voice to be heard. For a child to know their thoughts are valued will allow them to express themselves, shape their own learning and ultimately build a sense of connection and understanding with the relationships they form. Greenwood inspires the development of this confidence in every child.

Author: G8 Education

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