G Me

G Me has been designed to assist children to understand and manage their feelings as well as identify and respond to the feelings of others.

The G Me Program encourages co-operative play and builds confidence for children to explore new challenges, while guiding them to make positive choices and assisting them to reach their full potential.

Milestones Covered in G Me Programs:


  • Building safe, secure attachments to Educators
  • Developing trust
  • Understanding routine
  • Crying, smiling and responding to others

Early Learners

  • Developing independence and autonomy
  • Learning how to join the group


  • Developing an understanding of own feelings
  • Developing an understanding that actions have consequences
  • Showing empathy with others
  • Respecting others’ space and possessions
  • Wanting to be friends
  • Engaging in co-operative play
  • Conflict resolution




How the G Me Program is Implemented:

Within a supportive environment, children are assisted to make the transition from home to school by implementing predictable routines and also fostering specific skills that they will need when they enter kindergarten.

The G Me Program encourages children to find their own unique interests, and cultural diversity is addressed in a positive manner. This program also supports the relationships that children build with each other by providing opportunities for interacting and bonding. Children are also encouraged to embrace leadership and to set an example for their peers.

Scaffolding learning makes it possible for children to learn at their own pace, by gradually introducing the next level of the challenge. Children’s ideas and initiatives are supported so that each lesson is shaped by the children themselves.

As part of the G Me Program, it is accepted that all children’s emotions are normal. Children are allowed to comment on their feelings throughout the day, and Educators help them to label emotions and feelings – while assisting them to acknowledge the feelings of others.

Greenwood prides itself on providing safe and supportive environments for children. Empathy is fostered through social interaction and through encouraging children to work with each other to solve problems. A multistep approach is taken to conflict, and clear expectations are set within the classroom to give children a sense of security.




Examples of G Me Activities:


  • Playing ‘Sensory Surprise’
  • Exploring their environment
  • Playing on their own
  • Building an independent self identity

Early Learners

  • Going shopping
  • Surprise bags
  • What do you see
  • Playing Sandy Boy / Sandy Girl
  • Playing ‘Look at Me’
  • Exploring senses
  • Joining celebrations
  • Parroting
  • Learning to share
  • Playing along side others


  • Give yourself a hug
  • What does my face say?
  • Exploring features
  • Knowing my friends
  • Building resilience
  • Responding to my friends
  • Celebrating my family
  • Family roles and relationships
  • Sharing and turn taking
  • Conflict resolution

Dramatic Play

Resilience and Emotions

Most importantly, G Me is about preparing your child for school – giving them the skills they need to transition smoothly. School readiness is not just about academics, it’s about teaching children how to interact within a social environment. G Me aims to build your child’s self esteem and provide leadership skills so that they can enter their school life with confidence. It also teaches children how to work within a team, and how to respect their fellow classmates.



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