Grandparents Day at Greenwood

We are excited to be celebrating Grandparents Day across all our Centres. During this time we’ll explore the very special role that Grandparents play in their Grandchildren’s lives. Grandparents of children who are attending a Greenwood Centre are invited to visit Greenwood and bring along something special to show from when they were a child e.g. a memory, book, toy or a photo. We’ll also have some fun activities on the day for our wonderful Grandparents and their Grandchildren.


Please join us for Morning Tea –

Greenwood Macquarie Park
10:30am on Wednesday 18th March
112 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park

Greenwood Concord
10am on Thursday 19th March
63 Mepunga Street, Concord West

Greenwood Brookvale
10:30am on Friday 20th March
15 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale


Please RSVP by Monday 16th March to your Centre Leader via phone or email

If your Child/Grandchild does not regularly attend on the day we are hosting Grandparents Day at your Centre, they are still welcome to attend to with their Grandparents, but the Grandparents will need to be responsible for their supervision.


What if my Child’s Grandparents Cannot Attend?

For the lovely grandparents who are living interstate or overseas we have a Skype account for each location that Grandparents can leave a recorded video message on. If your Child’s Grandparents use Skype, please get them to add the contact details appropriate for their Grandchild’s Centre below:

  • Macquarie Park, Skype name: greenwoodmacpark
  • Concord, Skype name: greenwoodconcord
  • Brookvale, Skype name: greenwoodbrookvale

Here are some simple video instructions on how to leave a message:


We look forward to celebrating our wonderful community of Grandparents! See you soon!



Postscript… Grandparents and Grandchildren alike had a wonderful time at each of our events, check out a few pictures below:





Mac Park_grandparents-

Mac Park_grandparents-2

Mac Park_grandparents-4





Author: G8 Education

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