Greenwood Concord’s 1st Birthday Carnival!

Considering all we’ve achieved since we opened, it’s hard to believe that Greenwood Concord is only just turning one.

To celebrate, we are hosting a carnival for all of our Concord families on Tuesday 24th March. There will be some furry farmyard friends, balloon twisters, face painting and a variety of fun games for everyone to enjoy!


The Year in Review: How We’ve Changed Childcare

When we first launched Greenwood Early Education Centres in 2014, our aim was to set a new standard for childcare services. Our children are literally our future – and we owe it to them to provide them with the best start in life.

These are the ways we’ve made an impact on the industry over the last year:


Innovative & Natural Centre Design

Our state-of-the-art Centres have been purposefully designed to make children feel comfortable and safe. We have incorporated natural textures to encourage a child’s natural curiosity for learning – without being overwhelming.

One thing we’re sick of seeing in daycare centres is the use of overly bright primary colours, which can provide too much visual stimulus for young children, especially those with special needs (such as autism). While the rooms at Greenwood are certainly designed to delight and interest the children, they also make it possible for our children to enjoy some quieter forms of exploration and play.


Fully Inclusive Sports Programs

At Greenwood, we believe all children should have equal opportunities to participate. We have also designed our Curriculum so that children get to try all kinds of different physical activities – so they have a chance to discover their own individual talents.

The G Active program at Greenwood is varied so that our children never get bored. The focus is also on teaching children the basic gross motor skills they’ll need when they enter primary school. When your child has been taught how to throw and catch a ball, for instance, they’ll have more confidence when they start to participate in school sports.

Yoga is another thing that makes Greenwood different – we provide children’s yoga classes every week. This has been proven not only to help children develop physical strength and flexibility, it helps them to express their emotions constructively and to develop focus and concentration.


We Give Your Children a Thorough Foundation in Early Numeracy & Literacy… But That is Not All!

Early childhood is an amazing time and children’s minds are incredibly receptive to learning. At Greenwood, we see it as a missed opportunity not to provide educational for young children – not only does it prepare them for kindergarten, it also gives them with purpose and helps to build self confidence.

Our academic program has been developed in conjunction with Australia’s leading experts in early education. It is designed to help children develop their own strengths, as well as giving them the building blocks they need to get the best start in life.

Because we incorporate early learning into our curriculum, it also means that your children can start with us at a very young age, and move right up to preschool level without having to move to a different centre.


Yummy, Nutritional Meals Prepared by a Chef

At other childcare centres, we’ve been disappointed by what we’ve seen with regards to food. Either the parents are required to pack a lunch for their child (which creates more work and stress for the parent), or the children are served mass-prepared meals made from cheap ingredients, with little regard to flavour or nutrition.

Every Greenwood centre has its own in-house chef who prepares freshly cooked meals from a wide variety of wholesome ingredients. We can make special meals for children with dietary restrictions, and we rotate our menus to ensure our children never get bored.

Read more about the Greenwood menu: A Slice of Yum!


Greenwood Concord – Bigger & Better Than Ever!

Over the last year our Concord centre has grown – we started out with 120 local children, and now we have over 230 children enrolled with us.

In a very short time we’ve become a thriving community hub, providing a place for parents to meet, make friends, and support each other. It’s been an honour getting to know so many families from the local area, and we look forward to providing the best standard in childcare long into the future!


Please join us to celebrate Concord’s first birthday carnival!

Tuesday 24th March
2:30pm – 6pm
Open to all Concord families (including the parents and siblings of Greenwood children)

See you there!



Postscript… below are some photos of our special day –









Author: G8 Education

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