Educator Spotlight: Meet Abigial Choi from Greenwood Homebush

Abigail Choi first joined Greenwood in 2015 as a Nursery Room leader. With a Diploma of Early Childhood Education, Abigail’s hard work and dedication has been a shining example to those around her, and she is thrilled to take the next step in her Greenwood journey as the Centre Leader of Homebush!

Let’s get to know Abi!

  • My favourite weekend pastime…Family brunch! Every single Sunday, my three younger siblings and I have brunch and spend some quality time together. We never miss it!
  • My favourite childhood memory…Going skiing in the mountains every Winter.
  • My fussiest vegetable growing up…Avocado. Shocking I know! Luckily I’ve grown out of disliking the texture because it’s on every cafe menu nowadays!
  • What did you want to be when you grew up…Primary School Teacher, and I don’t think I landed too far from it.

What inspired you to work in Early Childhood Education?

I always wanted to work in the field of education. I studied a Certificate and Diploma of Early Childhood Education, and with every subject and work placement I went through, it became evermore apparent that my real passion would lie in helping shape the next generation of children.

Share something about yourself, that we may not already know!

I was born and grew up in Korea, spending my childhood surrounded by Korean culture and tradition. This meant I had to learn Australian nursery rhymes, songs and books from scratch. I found this to be a really rewarding experience as I was taking steps into a new world of childhood as an adult.

What do you find most rewarding working in Early Education?

I feel honoured to be able to nurture and nourish a child’s development. I love the spontaneity that comes from child’s play and to see children laugh and be their absolute authentic self is so beautiful to me.

What do you think is most special about Greenwood?

I love how Greenwood respects each child’s individual goals, interests and strengths and tailors the G Learning Program to suit their developmental needs. As educators it’s so important to listen to a child to interpret their words, actions and feelings. It is only by listening are we able to determine a child’s needs and understand how to best aid their further development.

I also love Greenwood’s approach to building healthy lifestyle habits early in life. The focus on being healthy and active can be seen in our seasonal and wholesome four week rotating menu and through Greenwood’s extra-curricular programs including Urban Gardening, Yoga and our Grow Fit Sports and Movement Program!

Which G Learning Curriculum resonates most with you?

G Me! This is all about developing a child’s individual sense of self, their personality, characteristics and interests. This particular G Curriculum truly helps us as educators understand each child and how they best need to be cared for.

Why is learning through play so important for our little ones?

Play based learning allows a child to explore, identify, negotiate, take risks, create meaning of the world around them and understand who they are. Play is absolutely essential to a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development and the quality play experiences we craft at Greenwood aim to further every child’s potential and opportunity to grow and develop.

What do you love most about Greenwood Homebush?

Greenwood Homebush is in a great location with easy access for all families. The centre has a rich mix of cultures in all age groups which we look forward to reflecting in our programs. It is such a core part of Greenwood’s philosophy to encourage our future leaders to contribute and be actively involved and committed to their communities.

Author: G8 Education

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