How Can I Prepare My Child for School?

Preparing your little one for Kindergarten is a big step! It is both daunting and exciting for our preschoolers, and perhaps even more so for you, as parents. One of the most common questions we hear at our centres from parents is, “how do I know if my child is ready for school?”

Every parent wants their child to have the best possible start in life. Various neuroscience studies tell us that the most important learning occurs during the early years of a child’s life. Rest assured, the moment your child walked through Greenwood’s doors, pre-kinder readiness had already begun. To help you understand the skills required of a child prior to attending Primary School, our G Learning Curriculum has been designed to develop the five critical areas of child development:

  1. Physical Development
  2. Social Development
  3. Emotional Development
  4. Cognitive Development
  5. Language Development

Greenwood’s proven Pre Kinder Program will provide your child with a solid foundation for a successful educational journey.

So, what does school readiness actually look like? The first thing to note is that as we all know, all children learn at their own pace and in their own unique way. However, here are some questions to ask yourself before sending your little one off to ‘big school’:

  • Is my child able to engage in activities independently without support?
  • Does my child have any learning difficulties I need to consider for school?
  • Is my child confident and able to engage socially with others?
  • Can my child look after their health; use the toilet, wash hands, put on/take off clothing, blow their own nose, etc.?

Everyday, our Greenwood educators are observing and documenting your child’s learning, development and skills. Of course, if you have any hesitations in answering the above questions, come have a chat with your child’s Room Leader to identify how we can further support your child’s learning and preparation for school.

To assist with a seamless transition to school, here are 5 tips to help build and extend your child’s learning and confidence.

  1. Physical Development: encourage your child to practice putting their clothes on and off themselves.
  2. Social Development: play a board game which encourages turn taking and sharing.
  3. Emotional Development: talk about your emotions when you or your child are upset.
  4. Cognitive Development: read a book with your child and after reading, ask your child what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story.
  5. Language Development: ask your child simple questions allowing them to answer

Beginning Primary School is an exciting milestone for your child, and with Greenwood’s G Learning Curriculum and a focus on play-based and interest driven activities, your little one will have the foundations necessary for continued growth and development. Learning is a lifelong journey and Greenwood will place your child in great stead to be a confident, curious and resilient individual.

Author: G8 Education

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