Introducing: Family Feedback

Greenwood Family Feedback is a new initiative that makes it easy for parents to have their say and be heard.

If you would like to give us feedback on what we’re doing well, or what could be improved, you can contact us directly:

t: (02) 9816 5299 – extension 205




Meet Mirna – Greenwood’s Family Relationships Manager

Mirna Bozzi will be your first point of contact – when you call or email Family Feedback you will be communicating with her directly. If you have an urgent request, she can escalate it quickly and make sure that it is followed up.

Mirna has more than 10 years of industry experience, and her specialty is working directly with parents to guide them through the process of enrolling their children for the first time. A mother herself, she understands what it feels like to enrol your child in an Early Education Centre, and she is always happy to chat with parents to make sure they feel comfortable.

When Mirna first enrolled her children in childcare, she felt the same sense of guilt that all working mothers experience. Happily however, her children ended up loving daycare. Her children ended up forming friendships that followed them through school – in fact her daughter still keeps in contact with friends she first met in childcare. Additionally, childcare helped to prepare her children for kindergarten, by establishing routines and by building her children’s confidence.

Mirna has since become an advocate for quality Early Education centres. She says that not only is it good for the children, it’s also great for bringing parents together and building support networks.


Greenwood – Setting the Standard for Early Education

What Mirna loves most about Greenwood is the way that children and parents are considered every step of the way – Greenwood always puts children’s wellbeing first.

Greenwood considers the way that decisions made by management affect families, and parents are brought into the decision-making process when possible.

And so we encourage you to contact Mirna whenever you would like to share your opinion about Greenwood. She’s in the office Tuesday-Friday during business hours, and she’s looking forward to talking to you!

t: (02) 9816 5299 – extension 205

Author: G8 Education

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