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If you have been in some Greenwood centres recently, you would have noticed a little change in the halls. Reports have come in of wild jungle animals, including lions, elephants and plenty of monkeys running amok in the Greenwood gardens with some brand new friends.


Introducing GrowFit! The specialist providers of physical health and fitness for infants and preschool age children have joined the Greenwood family, with their program integrating a series of creative, themed physical activity sessions that encourage children to enjoy a fun, healthy and balanced lifestyle. So far, activities have included going on a bear hunt, road safety, and plenty of teamwork.


Here at Greenwood we are committed to providing exceptional quality in Early Education and are constantly on the lookout for breakthrough programs that will give your child the best possible start in life. Keeping fit and healthy is a vital component of a quality education, and we recognise that as children grow and learn, it’s vitally important to build physical wellbeing into their core daily routine.


With all of this in mind, we are so excited to be joining forces with the fantastic team at GrowFit, to collaborate on a brand new custom designed Greenwood Sports Program!  Each session is age appropriately structured and designed; Infant Stars (1-2yrs), Mini All Stars (2-3yrs), All Stars (3-5yrs), to give every child the opportunity to learn, to grow, to be confident, to increase coordination, to love sport and life; and to have fun.

The weekly 30 min GrowFit program includes:

Acknowledgement of Country: Acknowledging our Elders, the former traditional custodians of the land to pay respect.


Warm up: Importance of why we need a warm up, basic fundamental movement skills.


Health topic: Every week focuses on a brand new health topic. Depending on the ages of the children, these can focus on hygiene, sharing, discussing feelings, healthy eating, talking about what makes our bodies work.


Creative stories: A new favourite of Greenwood children, involving their boundless imaginations as they go on a journey with their GrowFit educators. A truly multi-sensory experience.


Gross Motor Development Skills: Rotating 20 different sports for variety and work on each sport’s specific skills.


Cool Down: Teaching the children the importance of having a stretch, focusing on breathing exercises, how to calm down and the importance of being mindful.


GrowFit is currently being rolled out across our centres, with phenomenal reviews from the children and their educators so far. GrowFit will be in all Greenwood centres from next year, and we are so excited to see the G Active Curriculum transform!


Author: G8 Education

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