Introducing Laura Grainger, our Frenchs Forest Centre Leader!

Today we’re catching up with Laura Grainger, Greenwood Frenchs Forest Centre Leader!


What made you want to get involved in early education?
As a young girl I just had this inkling that working with children was for me. I grew up surrounded by family members who had a background working with children. I suppose Early Education was a plant sown long before I even imagined the possibility that it would become my life.

My first experiences of childcare in the United Kingdom cemented my passion and I have followed my heart ever since.  Working with children is nothing short of rewarding. Watching, encouraging and embracing a child as they reach their individual potential inspires me and my love for Early Childhood Education.

So why Greenwood Early Education Centres?
With my experience in the UK, I felt that there wasn’t much more potential in the childcare industry – Greenwood, however, quickly changed my perspective. The opportunities, curriculum, care, and love that Greenwood and its staff give to their children is something that I was yet to experience. In my first year alone, Greenwood has allowed me to encounter a facet of the industry I didn’t think existed – it is something very special.

What’s your favourite part of the centre?
Every ounce of detail – the care and love that is invested in every element of a Greenwood Centre still manages to amaze me. The team have created the most extraordinary environment that it makes even me, an adult, want to touch and explore everything. Greenwood truly captures the “child’s play” spirit that sits deep within every adult. I honestly could bounce on the Jumping Pillow all day long!

Of the 6 G Pillars, which resonates most with you?
G Earth. My grandfather was a Gardener so my connection with the natural environment has stemmed from that close relationship. Even more so, I believe the learning and exploration that spurs from a connection with the physical environment is invaluable at any age.

What do you consider to be most empowering for a child?
The ability for their voice to be heard. For a child to know their thoughts are valued will allow them to express themselves, shape their own learning and ultimately build a sense of connection and understanding with the relationships they form. Greenwood inspires the development of this confidence in every child.

What’s your secret skill to encourage a child to cooperate and engage?
When implementing learning activities, I find a child’s level of engagement, behaviourally, emotionally and cognitively increases when their personal interests are considered, in which case making the activity meaningful for every individual. Most importantly, when I am actively involved at the heart of an activity, this in turn gives a child the confidence to fully participate also.

What is one teaching you hope the children from your centre will walk away with once graduating from Greenwood?
I hope every Greenwood child takes with them the confidence to continue exploring, learning, developing and ultimately achieving – something I believe is instilled in every child at Greenwood.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Watching a little face gleam with absolute joy when they have achieved something new and to share these moments with their families. Whether it be taking their first steps or toileting – it is such a special moment watching a young child grow into their own unique self.

Author: G8 Education

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