Greenwood Kids Give Back with Gunawirra

Greenwood Kids Give Back

In the eyes of our Greenwood children (and maybe some big kids too) Christmas is the season to celebrate with family, meeting around a table sharing food intimately tied to your cultural traditions. Oh and of course giving and receiving presents from those who are closest to you. Lost in this exchange can be the importance of the gift of giving to your wider community, including people who need generosity and care especially during the festive season. As a part of our commitment to the continued strength of our communities, Greenwood will again be instating our Kids Give Back initiative.


Over the holiday period, our Greenwood families have been donating toys to give back to the  families sponsored by Gunawirra. The festive season is one for spending time being thankful for your family, showing love to those around you and peace, as well as practicing kindness and generosity for those you may never meet but can help a great deal. We hope that with our involvement the holidays of these families are made that little bit brighter.

Get know Gunawirra! 

Gunawirra is a Sydney-based organisation that aims to empower Aboriginal parents with young children and infants, working for the drastic improvement of a variety of fundamental areas in their lives. The foundation works on a range of programs that aid Aboriginal parents and children, including maternal workshops, preschool outreach, and offering direct support for families with individual needs. Greenwood has partnered with Gunawirra since Christmas 2015, running two drives annually to benefit the families supported by the foundation.

Greenwood Gunawirra Give Back 2015

Greenwood Gunawirra Give Back Initiative in 2015


Gunawirra’s grass roots programs include:

  • Supporting young families in their Young Aboriginal Mothers Program
  • Group programs for young mothers with their babies and toddlers up to age five
  • Support for day care and pre-school children and their parents through a variety of events
  • Art Therapy Program for preschool children and their parents
  • Assessment, Short and Long Term Family Therapy Program providing direct support for individual children and parents
  • Supporting Directors and staff of many preschools in NSW with telephone support, visiting, seminars, papers and books.

Why it’s important for our Greenwood children?

Inline with our G Me pillar, sharing with our children the importance of giving back to their communities is critical for their development. When children nurture connections to the outside world they develop understandings of how society works, and allows them to understand the shared values that underpin our society.

Need another reason? Involvement in philanthropy increases happiness, improves mental health and also creates new social connections as noted by Harvard Business School.

Learn more about the work of Gunawirra here.

“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.” Aboriginal Proverb

‘Connection’, an artwork by Graham Toomey, Aboriginal Artist and Designer, and Gunawirra’s Senior Cultural Manager and Artist. Used with permission from the artist.

Author: G8 Education

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