Local and Loving it!

Sustainability is at the heart and soul of everything we do at Greenwood.

With a commitment to building relationships with like minded individuals in our community, we are delighted to introduce three wonderful additions to our Greenwood Katoomba Team, who share our food philosophy in local, sustainable and fresh produce.

It is our responsibility to ensure our children develop healthy life-long eating habits. Not only are our Katoomba artisans fundamental in providing the absolute best for your child’s nutrition and wellbeing, they are guided by our G Earth curriculum. This program will encourage your child to gather knowledge about the natural world and how individual and collective actions can have an impact.

We firmly believe a happy and confident child starts with opportunities for them to explore their own individual curiosities. The opportunity to care for chickens and experience how food is grown first hand in our very own Greenwood Gardens, will help drive your child’s curiosity in engaging with the natural world and the processes necessary for personal health and nutrition.

Author: G8 Education

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