Meet Sela – Greenwood Chatswood’s Centre Leader

Sela Ahosivis first joined Greenwood in 2014 as a Preschool Teacher and we’re so excited to chat about her own childhood and how her journey into Early Childhood Education began.

Let’s get to know Sela! 

My favourite weekend pastime…Family Sundays. Every Sunday my cousins and grandparents gather at my house for lunch and quality time.

My favourite childhood memory…Flying to New Zealand and Tonga during the Christmas and New Year break. I would look forward to this every year!

My fussiest vegetable growing up…Celery but now I love it.

My mentor in life…My parents. They are my biggest supporters in life.

Playing in the sandpit or craft corner…Craft corner. I love making things and setting up fun craft activities for the children.

GEarth Gardening

How did you start working in Early Childhood Education?

I have always had a passion for working with young children, and so my tertiary studies initially saw me work towards becoming a youth worker. With a change of heart I found studying my Diploma in Early Childhood Education is where I felt most inspired, and my journey in Early Childhood Education has continued ever since.


What do you find most rewarding working in Early Education?

It’s amazing how the first five years of a child’s life are foundational to their growth and development. To know what an incredible influence we have on a child’s life is so inspiring and motivates me to give the children under my care the best possible start in life.

What’s something you can share about yourself, with us?

My family is my world. As the eldest of five children, I have grown up with children around me all the time. I have a sister and three brothers and life is always exciting with so many different personalities around. I also love learning about new cultures and meeting new people!

What do you love most about Greenwood?
I love how every Greenwood has its own persona whilst still reflecting the unique learning spaces which epitomises Greenwood Early Education Centres. If Chatswood had a personality it would be bright, open and bubbly. I love how Greenwood’s extra-curricular G Programs provide children the opportunity to explore and extend their interests. From Yoga, Sports to Urban Farming, Music, Chinese and French Language Programs there are many rich learning opportunities for children to develop a whole rounded view of the world. I also love Greenwood’s commitment to sustainability. I think it’s critical we raise socially conscious children who will grow to respect our environment.


Which G Learning Curriculum resonates most with you?
I believe all G Learning Curriculum areas are equally important, however I would have to choose, G Me. I think it’s so important for a child to develop a true sense of self identity. Our G Me Curriculum focuses on developing strong relationships with others and building confidence which is especially crucial in helping a child feel safe and secure.

What is your favourite physical part of Greenwood Chatswood?
Greenwood Chatswood is an inner city oasis for kids to learn and explore whilst in the care of loving and dedicated early childhood educators.

With an organic vegetable garden, and an outdoor space complete with a rainbow track, cubby house, water play trough and sandpit, there are so many opportunities for little imaginations to run wild and explore the natural environment.


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Author: G8 Education

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