National Recycling Week at Greenwood

National Recycling Week is upon us, and Greenwood children are putting on their green capes and saving the planet! Since 1996, National Recycling Week has brought nation wide attention on the importance of recycling and the unmatched benefit it can have for our environment. Not only does this week get people thinking about how to live greener, it educates and calls to action a new generation of environmental warriors each year, tasking them with the mission to make and help encourage big change to save our planet.


Greenwood is very lucky to have a committed and dedicated generation of environmental warriors (also known as your lovely children and their friends) who are ready to step up and learn all about recycling and composting. Across our centres, Greenwood children are taught all about the world around them and how to be responsible for their environment through important sustainable practices.

Day to day in centre these sustainable practices include:

  • Recycling Stations in all early learner and preschool rooms
  • Composting and Worm Faming
  • Growing edible and organic gardens with Adrian Baiada, Greenwood’s Urban Farmer and Environmentalist
  • Reusing donated materials from home for G Talent craft time creations



Greenwood Concord brewing their own Organic Worm Compost Tea! 


For National Recycling Week, the children are being visited by our friends Heather McCabe and Callum Merrett who will be guiding our Greenwood children through a variety of recycling workshops that explore the importance of recycling and more importantly, how to make it fun! Heather works with Milkwood Permaculture as an educator, and Callum is an early childhood educator.


We spoke with Heather and Callum about the importance of introducing our kids to the art of recycling:

Why is it important to have children learn about recycling and other sustainable practices at such a young age?

If children learn about the impact of waste on the environment and learn ways that they can help to reduce this impact through their own actions, then this becomes part of the way that they think and behave for the rest of their lives. Start ‘em young I say!


What are some of the great activities that the children will be doing in our Greenwood centres with you?

We’ll be talking about our rubbish and recycling – learning about what happens to rubbish and the things that get thrown away after they go in the bin or a recycling container. We’ll be playing a game to help them learn how to sort rubbish items and also be looking at some fun things that they can make from items that are usually thrown away.


What is one important lesson you would love our Greenwood children to take away from your program?

To be mindful of the amount of rubbish that they create and what happens to it once they throw it away.


For more information on the art of recycling, have a read of this article from our friends at In the Cove, or download this app that the children will be using in their rooms over National Recycling Week.

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Author: G8 Education

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