National Tree Day at Greenwood

On Friday 24th July all Greenwood centres are celebrating National Tree Day – Australia’s largest community tree-planting event.

National Tree Day started in 1996 and since then more than 3 million people have planted 21 million trees.

Greenwood has a range of activities planned to teach children about the importance of conservation, including:


Planting Native Australian Black Bean Trees

The Black Bean is a native Australian rainforest tree. In nature these trees can grow to be very large, however they also make great indoor plants.

On National Tree Day, every Greenwood child will be given a Black Bean Tree seed to take home and plant. Together with their parents, they’ll learn how to take good care of their plant and watch it slowly grow.

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About the Black Bean Tree

Also known as the ‘Magic Bean’ tree, the Australian Black Bean (Castanospermum Australe) is native to the coastal rainforests of Australia.

When Black Bean seed is placed on top of the soil, it ‘magically’ springs to life to produce a beautiful miniature rainforest tree. Multi-planted, these trees make stunning potted displays.

These trees can be used for timber, and their seeds have been utilised for thousands of years by Aborigines – recent research has shown that Black Bean seeds contain alkaloids, which have been shown to have anti HIV and anti cancer properties.

The Australian Black Bean has also become popular In Asia – their large seeds are seen as symbols of good luck and prosperity.


Learning About Australian Flora & Fauna

Visitors from Sydney Wildlife previously taught the children about Australian native animals and the environments in which they live.

Some of the topics we’ll be discussing include:

  • Where does the Black bean grow?
  • What animals or birds might rely on Black Bean trees?
  • What are some things we can do to help our gardens at Greenwood & at home?
  • What’s the difference between introduced tree species from overseas & how do they affect native trees
  • What effect does forest tree logging have on the environment & what is sustainable forestry?
  • What else can we make from timber?


Tree Day Art

The children will also get to paint their own Black Bean pots. We’ll be supplying the acrylic paint and terracotta pots for the children to create their own masterpieces!

Part of the focus will be teaching the children about the different parts of a plant – which relates back to what the children learned during Science Week about different body parts.

The children will also have an opportunity to paint some Black Bean seed pods. These float really well, so can be made into miniature boats.


Find Out More!

By taking part in National Tree Day, Greenwood will be contributing to Australia’s largest community tree planting and nature-care event and joining thousands of individuals in making a difference, connecting with nature and inspiring positive environmental change.

To learn more about National Tree Day, head over to Planet Ark.

To learn how to grow and care for your Black Bean (Magic Bean) Tree click here Tree Day plant intstructions

Author: G8 Education

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