Pre-Kinder for 3-5 year olds

Choosing a Preschool is the most important decision you will make to prepare your child for lifelong learning and a successful start to Kindergarten. The Greenwood  Pre-Kinder Program is implemented throughout every day your child attends Greenwood.  It is designed to address key aspects of your child’s development which are necessary for them to possess before commencing Primary School.

School readiness is not just about numeracy and literacy programs, although at Greenwood, we cover this completely in our curriculum. Our Educators work in partnership with families to help children achieve individual goals. This involves all aspects of your child’s skills across the following areas:


Social and Emotional Skills

Social and Emotional Skills

Social and emotional development is the most essential factor in determining each child’s readiness for formal schooling. At Greenwood, our educators are highly skilled in developing the ‘whole child’ and as a result Greenwood children are confident and capable learners. Social and emotional elements are embedded in our curriculum including areas such as approaching children in a positive way, forming relationships, expressing emotions, collaborating on shared tasks and establishing communication skills.

For more information about developing social and emotional skills, click to read further about our G Me Program.


Physical Development

Physical Development and Health

Greenwood children are healthy children. Our program aims to develop each child’s awareness of their bodies, their health and their physical capabilities. Our flexible daily routine promotes physical activity and the development of fundamental movement skills enabling children to participate in group sports and physical games. This area of our curriculum also includes the development of children’s fine motor and coordination skills including unpacking their own lunch and drinking from a drink bottle, using a writing implements with a correct grip and establishing hand dominance.

For more information about physical development and our approach to healthy eating, click for more information about our G Active Program.


Literacy and Numeracy

Numeracy and Literacy

Experiences that promote children’s ongoing exploration of written texts and mathematical concepts are embedded in our everyday curriculum. Through interest based experiences children are supported to explore written and oral communication including numbers, letters and the art of expressing their thoughts and ideas through speech. Experiences that support this development include letter, shape and number recognition, our phonics program and the provision of our engaging writing spaces.

For more information about our foundation to Early Literacy read more about our G Knowledge Program, and for more about Early Numeracy click through to more information about our G Whiz Program.


Creative Arts

Creative Arts, Music and Language

At Greenwood we promote creativity and thinking in inventive ways. We believe that imagination is an amazing skill and assist children to express their thoughts and feelings through a range of avenues. This includes exploring different creative techniques and mediums, dancing and drama and developing children’s artistic curiosity.

For more information about the Creative Arts components of our curriculum, click to read further about our G Talent program.


Science and Technology

Science and Technology

We believe our Greenwood children are our future. In light of this we invest the highest quality in resources and intentional teaching methods in order to promote children’s critical thinking skills. At Greenwood questions are encouraged and children are supported to actively research their own answers through the think, do, review system. Experiences in this area include basic science experiments, and use of I-pads and educational apps to complement classroom experiences.

For more information about the application of Science and Technology as part of our curriculum, click to read further about our G Knowledge and  G Whiz Programs.


Social Studies

Social Studies and the World Around Them

At Greenwood we view our classrooms as learning communities. Therefore, we believe it is important that children develop an awareness of the people and places that make up our world. Experiences that we provide that promote children’s understanding of their world include discussing people, places and events the children are experiencing and encouraging children share information about their families and culture.

For more information about our curriculum in this area please click to read further about out G Earth Program.


What is the Goal of the Greenwood Pre-Kinder Program?

It is our duty to assist a preschool child in transitioning to school through a variety of experiences.  Whilst we do not ‘teach’ the skills as such, it is through our programs and the children’s natural curiosity and interests that we help children develop the skills in a positive and fun environment.  In short the goal of our school readiness program is to:

  • To successfully start school with confidence
  • To develop the foundations for lifelong learning by developing skills and abilities which give children the ability to learn effectively
  • To familiarise children with the school environment and associated routines, tasks, rules and expectations within that environment


The ‘Term’ Before School Starts

In the months leading up to the time your child leaves Greenwood and heads to ‘big school’ we will liaise with local schools in the area to orientate your child for the start of the school term. Our established ‘Ready, Set, Go’ transition system enables us to work collaboratively with each child, family and school to deliver a seamless and supportive transition into formal education.  This can involve information sessions for families on essential schooling information and visits to local schools to promote children’s awareness of the school environment.It is important for the children to become familiar with the new Primary School environment including such things as:

  • Where to put their school bag, hats and belongings
  • Meeting their teacher and seeing the classroom
  • Trying on their uniform and checking they have everything they need such as library bag, school hat and drink bottle.
  • Knowing where facilities are within the school environment such as where the toilets are, where the bubblers are and how to drink from them


What can you do as a parent to assist in the transition process?

  • If you know another child that will be attending the same school, perhaps you could arrange for them to come over and play with your child before school starts
  • Explain some of the rules at school – maybe an older sibling could discuss with your child that they need to put their hand up before speaking in class or ask before going to the toilet etc
  • Encourage your child to talk about school at home and discuss their experiences.  Ask specific questions such as ‘Who did you sit next to at lunch time?’, ‘What games did you play in sports today?’
  • Give your child plenty of love and opportunities to discuss their day and the new experiences they are enjoying

It is as much a transition for your child as it is for you!  So we are always here to help with information or anything you need.  For more information please speak to your child’s Room Leader to discuss their individual development.


To learn more about the Greenwood Pre-Kinder Program please call 1300 9 GREEN (1300 947 336) to book a tour – you will be introduced to our experienced Preschool Room Leaders and have the opportunity to discuss your child’s individual needs. Please click this link to see our upcoming tour dates.

Author: G8 Education

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