Reading to Children: Why It’s Important

As recent studies have shown, the importance of reading to young children cannot be overstated.

To coincide with National Book Week, today Greenwood is taking a closer look at why reading to young children is so important to their development…


“But I don’t have time!”

Hey, we hear you. We live in a busy age, and finding the time to read to your children can sometimes feel impossible.

However, even ten minutes of reading at bedtime can produce enormous benefits – including helping your child to feel safe and secure so they have a good sleep.

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“How early should I start reading to my child?”

Infants can communicate well before they can speak by looking at pictures, listening to our voices and following objects placed in front of them. Reading to infants encourages bonding, stimulates sounds and gives them a sense of intimacy and wellbeing.

So, short answer: it’s never too early to start reading to your child.

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Reading to toddlers and preschoolers

Reading books aloud to toddlers and preschoolers stimulates their imagination and encourages them to understand the world around them. Making a time to read aloud together with your child on a regular basis encourages their listening skills and reinforces sounds needed to form oral language.

Books can help children to feel safe and secure; encouraging them to build stronger relationships with you. While you are reading, you should encourage your toddler to ask questions, which will help to develop their critical thinking skills.

Taking time to read with your child sends an important message that reading is fun, exciting and worthwhile.

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Other benefits of reading to young children:

  • Books remind children they belong to a group or family
  • Books help children learn about themselves and others
  • Books develop speech and language
  • Reading to your child reinforces the bond you have with them, and it fosters a sense of intimacy and wellbeing
  • It will give your child a positive attitude towards reading
  • It can calm a child when they are fretful and restless
  • It improves communication between you and your child
  • Studies have shown that students who love learning and do well in school were exposed to reading before preschool
  • It promotes a longer attention span
  • It builds listening skills and imagination
  • Books teach children thinking skills early (such as logic, and cause and effect)
  • Books teach children about relationships and personalities
  • When your child reaches a new stage in their growth, reading stories that are relevant to what they’re going through can help to relieve anxiety about it
  • Your child learns early that reading is fun and not a chore


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Author: G8 Education

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