Rio Olympic Games comes to Greenwood

Sydney…Athens…Beijing…London…and now Rio! The Summer Olympics can safely be classed as THE goal for many aspiring athletes, and a pivotal part of quadrennial television viewing for countries the world over. With a young future bunch of Olympians currently experiencing “Olympics Fever”, this week our centres have transformed into mini stadiums, velodromes and with the recent rain some have even had temporary paddling pools!


Every four years, a new generation of avid Olympics watchers get to sit around the television with their parents. In these special moments of athletic heroism, heartbreak and euphoria there is a very special bunch watching on who will take up the mantle as our future Olympians. It’s a very special cycle.

KAT_olympics1 KAT_olympics2

Everyone remembers their first Olympics – for the duo behind Greenwood’s social media, their first memory was at the 2000 Sydney Olympics on a kindergarten excursion. Our current generation of little Olympians have definitely caught the Olympics bug, with the children from Greenwood Katoomba undertaking a variety of Olympics activities including gymnastics and cycling around the Greenwood ‘Velodrome’ (the rainbow track counts right?). With medals being handed out to all the children, we can quite safely say that puts Australia at the top of the medal tally! Greenwood Rose Bay also took part in their own Olympics with high and long jumping.

RB2_Olympics RB1_Olympics

Why watch the Olympics with the kids?

The Olympics, whilst entertaining, also instils some important life lessons for our Greenwood spectators. It teaches children the significance of exercise, goal setting, sportsmanship, diversity and tolerance.

Abound in these games are many life lessons, from winning and losing to perseverance here are ten other lessons you can share with your kids.

So, what was your first Olympics memory?

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Author: G8 Education

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