What does sustainability look like at Greenwood?

Sustainability is an important part of everything we do, from our curriculum and choice resources, to the aesthetics of our centres and right through to our locally based community partnerships.

Where possible, Greenwood works to have a sustainable centre which can be seen in the following features:

  • Natural ventilation across all our learning rooms
  • Natural light in all rooms
  • Soft and organic play areas
  • Incorporation of rain water harvesting used for toilet flushing and garden watering
  • Reduction of harmful chemical in building materials and fit-out
  • Use of reclaimed timber
  • Renewable technologies including solar panels
  • Dedicated organic farm land producing each Centres’ immediate fruit and vegetable requirements
  • Use of green walls to increase productive garden space
  • Using only 100% GreenPower energy – a regulated energy supply generated from 100% renewable technologies, meeting the strictest environmental standards

rainwater tank

Greenwood Concord was very proud to be a finalist at the 2014 Canada Bay Sustainability Awards in the category of ‘Environmental Business’.

Greenwood Early Education Centres provide a safe and secure environment for your child with the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness adopted to protect your child and everyone that is a part of our Greenwood network.

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