The benefits of choosing a child care centre close to work

By Sabrina Rogers-Anderson 

Am I the only one who blindly hopped online and typed in “child care centre” and the name of my suburb when searching for a centre for my child? It never occurred to me that choosing a centre near my work could have so many benefits.  

I’m not alone in my thinking. Greenwood Mulgrave is one centre that’s located in the heart of the industrial and corporate world of Melbourne, and becoming increasingly popular with parents who are seeing the benefits of choosing a child care centre near their workplace. 

Here are some of the upsides…  

You’ll be right there if your child needs you

There’s nothing worse than getting a call from your child care centre to tell you that your child is running a fever and then having to spend an hour stuck in traffic or on public transport before you can scoop them up in your arms. If your centre is close to your work, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can be there in a matter of minutes when your child needs you.  

You get to spend quality time with your child on the commute

During the morning and evening rush, it can be practically impossible to find a free minute to engage with your child in meaningful ways. But when you travel together, you gain precious quality time that you’d miss out on if your child care centre was near home. Whether you sing songs in the car or read books on the train, those extra moments you get to spend with your child are precious.  

You can drop in to see your child anytime

For many mums, the start of child care signals the end of breastfeeding. But that doesn’t have to be the case – when your child care centre is close to your work, you can pop in anytime to feed your child! You can also drop by for a play during the day or to have lunch with your little one. While some centres discourage parents from visiting their children, Greenwood centres have an open-door policy and welcome families to come in as often as they like. 

You can participate in centre activities

When you have to drop off your child early in the morning to get to work on time, you often miss out on centre activities and celebrations for special events such as Mother’s Day. But when your child care centre is minutes away from your work, you have more flexibility to participate in those special moments that mean so much to your child. 


But what about… ? 

Parents sometimes worry about the potential disadvantages of choosing an early learning and child care centre in a busy business area. At Greenwood, we’ve thought of everything to make your life easier… 

We offer an all-inclusive child care experience  

You won’t have to carry enormous bags of supplies on public transport because we provide everything your child needs. Nappies, wipes, sunscreen and even nutritious meals, prepared daily by in-centre chefs, are all included in the daily fee at Greenwood centres.  

We make drop-offs and pick-ups easy

Pick-ups and drop-offs don’t have to be a headache, especially at centres such as Greenwood Mulgrave. With a gym and a coffee shop nearby, along with on-site parking, it’s the perfect spot to stop and grab a coffee or fit in a work out after drop-off. Other Greenwood centres also provide a range of options to make life easier, such as secure pram parking for those taking public transport, so you don’t have to drag your empty pram to work.  

We provide spacious and natural outdoor environments

Are you concerned that your child won’t have access to natural play environments and greenery in the city? They will at Greenwood, as the name suggests! All our centres feature large outdoor areas inspired by nature, including timber play structures and toys, plants and trees, veggie gardens and so much more to encourage play-based exploration and learning. Even centres in industrial, corporate areas feature beautiful play spaces, including Greenwood Mulgrave, which offers an outdoor play space over 1000 square metres.  


There is something inspiring about being part of the Greenwood community, and we’d love for you to come and experience it for yourself.  

Greenwood Mulgrave is set to open in early 2020 with tours available now. Speak to our family specialists and book a tour by calling 1800 314 517





Author: G8 Education

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