The secret garden: How Greenwood Bronte is connecting children with nature

Tucked into a corner of the Greenwood Bronte Early Education Centre, surrounded by a sandstone wall and full of greenery, is a truly special surprise for children: the centre’s secret garden. 

This mini piece of paradise is an ode to nature in the middle of Sydney. It serves as a secluded hideaway for little ones looking for a bit of quiet time, plus it’s an invaluable resource for endless teaching opportunities 

With children of all ages welcome to explore the secret garden at any time, here are a few ways this hands-on space inspires them…  

Worms and bugs and creepy crawlies, oh my! 

At Greenwood Bronte, there’s every opportunity to go back to basics and uncover a new learning environment in the form of dirt! 

With most Sydney children being exposed primarily to grass, water and sand, this is the chance for little ones to quite literally get their hands dirty as they engage with the secret garden and its hidden nooks – such as the worm farm, the hanging vines and the herb garden. 

The bug hotel is a favourite with children. Full of mulch, pebbles and soil, it’s the kind of habitat that encourages different bug species to visit. It’s well worth peeking inside every day, just to see if there might be a new six-legged guest checking in! 


Paddock to plate 

It may have become a trendy concept, but at Greenwood Bronte, children see first-hand how something goes from the garden to the meal they’re being served for lunch.   

With everything from strawberry plants to carrots and tomatoes grown in the secret garden, along with herbs such as rosemary and basil, young ones are encouraged to nurture the plants by watering them and watching their progress. 

The centre’s chef also works with the children to pick the herbs and vegetables when they’re ready, and chat more about how they might be used in the kitchen when preparing meals.  

Thanks to being involved every step of the way, children end up feeling a real sense of ownership and pride for what they’ve grown – and it’s even more exciting when they get a chance to smell and sample their work!  

And… exhale  

Not all Sydney homes are big enough to have backyards, and so Greenwood Bronte is the perfect place for children to touch, feel and learn more about all things related to nature.  

Being accessible to children throughout the day, it provides a safe, comfortable space and goes hand-in-hand with Greenwood Bronte’s other outdoor areas – including a sandpit, water play area and cubby house – plus extracurricular activities such as yoga and excursions to the park next door 

There’s also an element of sustainability that runs through the entire secret gardenfrom encouraging children to minimise waste to teaching composting by using the worm farm.  

Sound inspiring? We’d love for you to come and experience it for yourself.  


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Author: G8 Education

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