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Today we’re talking about whether or not it is possible to send your child to childcare if they have not been vaccinated.

Some changes have been made to the Public Health Amendment (Vaccination of Children Attending Child Care Facilities) Bill 2013, which came into effect on 1 January 2014. This article will explain what these changes mean, and how the affect your family.

We have put together a Q&A to explain the changes to the legislation:


Can I Enrol My Child at Greenwood if They Have Not Been Vaccinated?

As a childcare facility, we cannot enrol your child unless you provide documentation showing that:

  • Your child is fully vaccinated for their age, or;
  • Your child has a medical reason not to be vaccinated, or;
  • Your child is on a recognised catch-up schedule if they have fallen behind with their vaccinations, or;
  • You, as the parent/guardian, have a conscientious objection to vaccination

If a child has not been immunised, they may be excluded from care during outbreaks of some infectious diseases, even if their child is well, as per the advice from the Public Health Unit. In this case, full fees apply and the child will be unable to return to care until it has been deemed appropriate.


What are the Forms I Need to Provide to Enrol My Child?

At the point of enrolment, you will need to provide a copy of:

  • An ACIR Immunisation History Statement which shows that the child is up to date with their scheduled vaccinations; or
  • A Medicare Immunisation History Form (IMMU13) on which the immunisation provider has certified that the child is on a recognised catch-up schedule; or
  • A Medicare Immunisation Exemption – Medical Contraindication Form (IMMU11) which has been certified by an immunisation provider, or;
  • A Medicare Immunisation Exemption Conscientious Objection Form (IMMU12) which has been certified by an immunisation provider and a parent.


Why Are These Documents Required?

These documents ensure that your child, and the other children who attend Greenwood, are protected from serious diseases.

In 2011 and 2012 NSW experienced measles outbreaks that were prolonged due to people having missed vaccinations in childhood, or being late with vaccinations. The more people who have their children vaccinated on time, the greater the ability to control serious vaccine preventable disease outbreaks. While around 90% of children at 1 and 2 years of age in NSW are fully immunised, at least 95% coverage is needed for effective disease control.


What If I Cannot Provide the Appropriate Documents?

Unfortunately, we will be unable to enrol your child at Greenwood unless you can provide the documents as outlined above.


What is the Vaccination Schedule for Young Children?

You can view the NSW Immunisation Schedule to see what types of vaccinations your children should receive at certain ages.


How Do I Obtain an Immunisation History Statement?

A copy of your child’s immunisation details can also be obtained at any time:


What if My Child Was Vaccinated Overseas?

If your child was vaccinated overseas, you’ll need to have their immunisation records assessed by an immunisation provider who will transfer the information to the ACIR. An ACIR Immunisation History Statement will be issued to you upon request.


Where Can I Get More Information?

More information about the new requirements is available by contacting your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055.

You can also visit the NSW Health Vaccination: Questions & Answers.

Author: G8 Education

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