White Balloon Day at Greenwood

Friday 11th September is White Balloon Day – an annual event that brings together schools, governments, police and organisations to highlight the importance of protecting children.

White Balloon Day draws attention to Bravehearts, which is an organisation that educates children about personal safety skills, and provides counselling services for victims of sexual assault. This year marks the 19th anniversary of this important day.

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Biodegradable white balloons rising over Greenwood Brookvale and Macquarie Park!

How Greenwood is Getting Involved

Each of our Greenwood Centres will be holding a special event for our Preschoolers on White Balloon Day. A police officer from the local station will be visiting to give a presentation to Preschool children about personal safety – empowering children to feel safe at all times.

‘Who is a Safe Person?’ is the question that will be asked – showing children that there are people they can turn to, such as their Educators or a person in uniform, if they ever feel threatened.

This presentation will also show children that the police are friendly, and that they can be approached for help and assistance. At the end of the presentation, children will be releasing (fully biodegradable) white balloons into the air as a symbol of hope.

All of the Greenwood Educators and children are encouraged to wear white clothing on the day.

Maggie Bazouni, Centre Leader for Concord, believes that it is important for organisations such as Greenwood to participate in White Balloon Day:

“Whilst this is a very tragic issue, it is very important to raise because together as a community we can make a difference for our children. By discussing with the children that they have a right to feel safe at all times and by giving them some proactive strategies to find a safe person to talk to, we can help to prevent child abuse.”

Centre Leader for Macquarie Park Karishma Narayan echoes this statement: “It is important for us as Educators to help encourage the children in our care to speak out, and to listen when they do. We all have a role to play in making sure our children are safe.”

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Find Out More

Visit White Balloon Day or Bravehearts to find out more, or to make a donation.

Author: G8 Education

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