Yoga for Children with Beth Borowsky

Our resident yogi Beth Borowsky, and her incredible team of Kids Yoga teachers, offer weekly yoga classes to our children at all of our Greenwood centres. Beth has a Masters in Early Childhood Teaching from New York University, and a background of working in preschools. She also has 30 years of experience as a yoga practitioner and 10 years as a yoga teacher, teaching both children and adults.


With her background in Early Education and yoga, Beth is the perfect person to bring yoga to Greenwood Rose Bay. She has “huge respect and humility for those who work in preschools”, and thanks to her experience, she feels comfortable in such environments.

Describing the yoga itself as “the easy part”, she says the most challenging aspect of teaching yoga to children is being able to understand the needs of the children themselves. Rather than trying to impose rigid class structures, Beth always tries to accommodate each individual classroom to find a teaching approach that’s appealing and engaging.

“What I love about children’s yoga is that there is zero competition – it isn’t graded,” explains Beth. “I think that’s one of the biggest gifts we can give kids.”

She describes yoga as “…a vehicle for children to explore their bodies and their breath” and also as a tool they can use to calm down when they’re feeling overwhelmed or upset. During class, Beth teaches children to become aware of their breathing, and shows them how to take five large breaths if they ever feel a need to calm down.

One of the basic principles of yoga is mindfulness – of being aware of oneself and how your actions affect other people and the world. This ties into two major components of the Greenwood Curriculum: G Earth and G Me.

To provide a sense of continuity, Beth always starts her classes by getting the children to sit still, take a deep breath, sing a yoga song and then go into a warm-up routine. This sequence helps to make the children feel confident and secure, as it is a familiar pattern that they can embrace.

Beth will also be teaching the Educators so that they can integrate some yoga teachings into everyday life at Greenwood. For instance, while the children are standing in a queue, they can try to touch their toes. Or if they are having trouble settling during nap time, they can put their hands on their stomach and “take their hands for a ride” as they breathe deeply.

Beth says “I’m inspired by the way yoga has had an impact on Carol’s life and I love the fact that she has made yoga part of the Greenwood culture”. Beth is also very happy to be teaching at Greenwood Rose Bay, which she describes as “magnificent”.

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You can also find out more about Beth by visiting her website, Karma Kids Yoga.

Author: G8 Education

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