You are BEE-utiful!

To mark Mother’s Day in the calendar this year, our busy little bees have been working with crafter and maker, Lisa Tilse from creative lifestyle blog we-are-scout to create a print you’ll be proud to frame on the walls at home.

As you may have guessed, Greenwood Mother’s Day is all about BEES! So where did this HONEYBEE theme come from you ask? From our Greenwood Gardens of course!

In keeping with our G-Earth activities our children have been learning how honeybees play an important role in our ecosystem, and where the delicious sweet honey that we would typically drizzle over fluffy pancakes on a Sunday, actually comes from.

This Mother’s Day we called upon our creative guru, Lisa Tilse to guide our little bumble bees through a hands-on craft workshop. We think Lisa has crafted a print that is chicer than chic. See how you can turn your child’s thoughtful print into a stylish and sleek piece of art at home!

Mothers Day Styling

Styling inspiration by Lisa Tilse

To make our Greenwood celebrations that little bit sweeter, our handcrafted posters were also gifted with jars of organic eucalyptus honey from our dear friends at Maya Sunny Honey. We hope this Mother’s Day your raw honey will feature on some toast or pancakes in bed this Sunday.

Raw Eucalyptus Honey with Maya Sunny Honey

To all our Greenwood Mums and female role models – thank you for all that you do, your love, dedication and patience is truly inspiring and doesn’t go unrecognised.

HAVE A BEE-utiful day celebrating all that is BEE-utiful about you!

We had a chat with the super talented Lisa to get the inside scoop on how these craft workshops really went down with lots of messy little hands in the mix.

Lisa you created a gorgeous original handcrafted print just for Greenwood, tell us a little bit about this.

Yes, the print is an original watercolour and calligraphy artwork. A nuanced mix between a more traditional floral watercolour loral and contemporary calligraphy. The idea of an art print for Mother’s Day is for mums to have something that their child has contributed to, that they will happily and proudly display at home.

An original Mothers Day Print by Lisa Tilse

An original print by Lisa Tilse

How did your visits to all our Greenwood Centres to guide these craft workshops go?

It was a really fun project to do with the children at Greenwood. I wore a bee antennae that I made, and the art process involved looking at shapes and colours, talking about bees, and counting. For the older children we added some line work to the print also. The children were all very engaged and seemed to love the idea of stamping their thumb or fingerprints on the art print.

Mothers Day

Mothers Day Craft Workshop

Lisa, can you share a little more about your art practice and why you love sharing your talent with young children and even adults?  

I am a creative slashie: designer/artist/maker/crafter/photographer/stylist.

I’ve been blogging for 8 years and through my craft projects and by sharing the work of other creatives I aim to inspire others to live a more creative life. I love holding workshops with both adults and children, and through teaching I hope to be able to ignite a creative spark in people.

It’s inspiring working with children in a creative context because they usually embrace art and craft with an intuitive confidence. I also really enjoy their spirit and just being in their company. Craft workshops with adults are just as fulfilling – it’s wonderful to see people empowered by a creativity that they didn’t know they had. I believe that everyone can be creative, but often a layer of self-doubt has to be chipped away first.

Author: G8 Education

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