Why work at Greenwood?

Our vision is to grow a team of confident, empowered leaders who can pass that same confidence and sense of mastery onto the children in their care.

Whether, you are entering the industry for the first time, or have worked with children for most of your life, it is important to know that working at Greenwood is unlike anything you have ever experienced in either the early learning/childcare industry before. Why? Because we are truly committed to being the first and preferred choice for employment. We are dedicated to empowering Early Education professionals to become the best they can be.

Above and beyond all else, working at Greenwood means making a serious commitment to building and shaping the future by helping to create an exceptional workplace.

As part of our commitment to ensure we attract and retain the finest possible talent in the industry, Greenwood has established a unique Professional development and wellbeing program – GROW. GROW has been established to invest in the education of our partners, providing a structured career path for each team member, as well as delivering continual support and rewards.