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Claire Park

Centre Manager - Greenwood Hunters Hill

“I believe all children deserve to have the best start in life and I am passionate about creating a positive environment, where children can embrace challenges, explore and learn.”

I began my career in early childhood education in 2016, and I started at Greenwood Hunters Hill in 2022. I have been working for G8 Education at Greenwood North Ryde for over three years (since 2019) as an assistant centre manager, early childhood teacher and educational leader.

I completed my Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) at Macquarie University in 2018. I also hold my First Aid, CPR, Anaphylaxis and Asthma Certificates. 

I discovered my passion for early education during my first year of tertiary education. After that, I was inspired to go down this path as I love interacting with young children and observing their growth and development. It’s amazing to see children grow up so quickly, learning and absorbing so many aspects of life every day!

I have learnt to view children as unique and capable individuals. I believe children are most inspired when they are provided with a hands-on environment, where they are provided with a space to discover, explore, and experiment. 

My teaching philosophy is strongly grounded on the idea of viewing children as active and capable learners, where I can also learn alongside children, collaborating and becoming co-constructors of learning. 

I believe all children deserve the best start in life, and I am passionate about creating a positive environment where children can embrace challenges, explore and learn. 

It is always a pleasure to observe and grow with the children as they become active citizens of their community.

I believe the first five years of a child’s life is so important, and therefore early childhood education settings are a safe and enjoyable place where they can explore and learn to their full potential. With endless opportunities and experiences provided by our early childhood educators, the children can immerse themselves in a learning environment that is stimulating and exciting. Early childhood settings also allow children to build their confidence in their social skills as they interact and build relationships with their peers and educators.

The educators at Greenwood Hunters Hill are dedicated and committed to assisting families so that their children can have the best start in life. We have a diverse and multicultural team with many of our bilingual team members!

Communication is key to supporting and building a relationship with our families. From running a tour for the new families to enrolling a child into our centre, we are dedicated to ensuring the family feels as comfortable as possible. We know the process can be difficult, and therefore we reassure families we are there whenever they need us. Families can contact us anytime, by face-to-face interactions, via email or by phone. We believe building trusting relationships with families is so important, knowing their child is safe and taken care of at our centre and is having a great time at their home away from home!

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