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Joshllyn Singh-Khan

Centre Manager - Greenwood Hunters Hill

“What I love most about working in early childhood education are the smiles you see every day.”

Working with children in their early years is so rewarding. Through my years of teaching children, I have grown as a person, built new relationships with children, families, colleagues, and the community. What I love most about working in early childhood education are the smiles you see every day. The smiles from children, families, community members and the team.

I started my career in early childhood education and care in 2009 and hold a Certificate III in Children Services, Diploma in Children’s Services, and a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Birth to 5 years).

I believe every child is unique. Working with children has taught me that as an educator we have to be able to adapt to the child’s way of learning. Understanding various theories is important so we can professionally support each child grow to their full potential. I believe understanding the whole child is very important. All children learn differently, and it is important to be able to understands children’s current development skills.

Our team is committed and positive about their role as educators. The team sees their role as incredibly important, helping children establish the building blocks for a successful lifetime of learning.

We assist new families at our centre by explaining the Child Care Subsidy and helping families work out their days and fees which is best suited to them. On a tour we encourage families to discuss any areas of concerns so we can ensure families have the answers they need and feel welcome and comfortable when starting at our centre.

We offer families fruit to take on arrival and departure, to ensure they have an opportunity to a healthy start to the day. We hold many events at our Hunters Hill centre to bring families and our community together through global celebrations. Good relationships start with the first interaction, whether this be face-to-face or a phone call. A good relationship is built from communication. Ensuring families are provided with as much information as possible so they feel informed and know they are valuable to the service. 

A fun fact about me is I really enjoy playing board games, which lucky for me is something I get to do with children and colleagues!

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