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Neha Sharma

Centre Manager – Greenwood Point Cook

“I am inspired by the children and watching them grow and learn everyday while in our care."

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2012 and started working at Greenwood Point Cook in 2018. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I have worked as an assistant educator, and then moved into the role of Lead Educator before becoming an Assistant Centre Manager then a Centre Manager.

I have loved my time working in the early education sector. I am inspired by the children and watching them grow and learn every day while in our care. I love to see children achieve their goals and follow their own personal journey whilst in care.

As an early childhood educator, I have learned that every child is unique. Each child needs to be given the freedom to choose their own path and way of learning that suits them. It is with this in mind that my teaching style promotes child’s choice and autonomy over their choices. Children should be encouraged to lead their own learning.

My approach to helping children on their learning and life journey is supporting them with their own choices. It is about the child, and we as educators are there to facilitate the choices they are making and guide them so that they feel confident and supported.

The social benefits of learning from a dedicated early childhood education and care environment are many. Children are given the opportunity to learn from their peers, along with the support and knowledge of qualified professionals being able to guide them. All our programs are child-initiated and we further enhance this knowledge by scaffolding their learning through various activities and planned experiences.

Health and safety are paramount to everything we do. We follow all health and safety guidelines and do regular training to ensure we always have the most up to date information and knowledge available to us. As a service, we consider child protection everyone’s responsibility and we are all responsible for ensuring all the children in our care are secure, safe and supported. 

In relation to child protection I WILL listen, support, advocate for you and follow your lead. I will create an environment where all children feel safe, secure and protected.

At Greenwood Point Cook I have the pleasure of leading an amazing team of educators who are warm, welcoming, and caring. As a team, we have created a nurturing environment for all our families where children are able to grow and learn in a supported way. We look forward to showing you around our beautiful centre and welcoming you to the Greenwood Family.

We understand starting at a new centre can be daunting. We take the time during a tour to listen to the individual needs of each family. We ensure we give the family the time they deserve to take this step for their child’s education. We are available to answer any and all questions and can be on hand to assist with the completion of documentation required, whether it be assistance with the enrolment form to assistance with Centrelink.

At Greenwood, we regularly celebrate diverse cultures and the celebrates throughout the year that are important to them. We ask our families what is important to them and ensure we embed this into our centre culture. We hold information nights for our kinder children and parents are always welcome in the service as we have an open-door policy.   

We encourage families to take the lead with orientations and give them the choice to decide when their child is ready to commence care. We have open and honest communication with our families and welcome their calls, feedback, input at any time of the day. The families are all given access to Xplor so they can follow their child’s day in real-time daily to see how their day is progressing.


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