Notting Hill Makes News Headlines

Greenwood Notting Hill has captured the attention of national news media with its adoption of risky play, a woodworking activity that involves real saws, real nails and even real hammers. 

Having been featured across Weekend Sunrise and the Herald Sun, this initiative aims to teach children resilience, perseverance and problem-solving in an increasingly risk-averse world. 

Check out the feature on Weekend Sunrise below:

Learning through play 

With children loving the woodworking activity, risk-taking in a highly supervised and safe environment has become a fun way of setting children up for a resilient future. 

What happens when things don’t work out? They learn to persevere until they are satisfied with their creation.  

Read more about risky play here.  

More about Notting Hill

Beyond risky play, there’s a lot on offer at Greenwood Notting Hill, including:  

– State-of-the-art facilities includes two large outdoor play areas, rainbow bike tracks, cubby houses, water play areas and veggie garden. 

– Modern early learning resources including interactive whiteboards, Touch Learning Tables, as well as Blue-Bots and Bee-Bots which teach numeracy and coding fundamentals. 

– Specialised programs including sport, Music Box and Science Lab to build a solid foundation in learning and skill development. 

– A sustainability program that teaches children a sense of responsibility and connection to the world around them. 

– And of course, a comprehensive play-based curriculum guided by the national Early Years Learning Framework for children from nursery age through to kindergarten; along with highly qualified educators, and a kindergarten program taught by a passionate team of early childhood teachers.  


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Author: G8 Education

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