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Paula Quinn

Centre Manager - Greenwood Gladesville

"There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child learn with passion and wonder.”

There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child learn with passion and wonder. If we can provide opportunities for children to learn and encourage them to try, we are giving them the steppingstones for success. I was originally asked by a friend to help in their childcare centre as they were short staffed and there started my passion for early education. I spent three weeks at that centre and I found that I just did not want to leave. I was besotted with all those little people learning how to say goodbye to their families and find their own way in a world of learning.

I have a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and I am trained in Child Protection and First Aid. I also have a certificate in Raising Good Kids by Dr Kaylene Henderson. I have been working in Early Childhood Education and Care since 2011 and have been here at Greenwood Gladesville since 2017.

I am extremely passionate about creating a centre that is home away from home for both families and children. It is a busy life we all lead, and we understand that parents need a place where they can drop off their precious bundle to people that genuinely care about them. During my time is early learning, I have learnt that children have an incredible ability to adapt to change and uncertainty if given a hand to hold and a smile. They learn and grow in an environment where they feel happy, supported, and included so it is important to build a relationship with each one of them at their level.

We assist families every step of the way; from answering questions and discussing the Child Care Subsidy process during the tours, to sitting down at orientation and going through the last of the paperwork. This can feel like a long process especially if families have not done it before. We aim for families to feel comfortable and relaxed that all the hard stuff is done, and we can concentrate on making their child’s first day all about them.

I myself am a mother who has been through the experience of putting my own children into childcare so I could work and I can still feel the emotion of walking away on that first day of care. I want families to drop their children off laughing and waving, ensuring their time at child care is a great experience. 

We have a warm and welcoming community here at Greenwood Gladesville where families are greeted by name. There is always a story or a laugh, sometimes there is a shoulder or a hug. We have families who have been coming for four years or more and are now putting their third child into our care. New families spend their orientation time getting to know the educators in their child’s room, they discuss the child’s interests so transition on the first day is done with warmth and consistency.

I welcome you to come in and meet us all. You will love the smell of fresh food cooking in the kitchen and the sounds of laughter from the children and our team members.

Call to enquire 1800 413 921