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Paula Quinn

Centre Manager - Greenwood Gladesville

"I take the time to listen to each child's needs to make them feel seen and heard. "

My early learning journey began in 2011. I joined the team at Greenwood Gladesville in 2017. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. 

I love being a part of a sector that empowers women to get back into the workforce. That makes parents feel confident dropping their precious child off to us. I love being there step by step to make the transitions from home to early learning and then to the big school as seamless and stress-free as possible. 

Children are incredible learners and take in so much information when they feel confident and supported. It gives me the most joy when children see the world as a safe place to be and trust us with every part of their development. I take the time to listen to each child's needs to make them feel seen and heard. This empowers them to have their own identity and express themselves freely. 

The learning environments in our centre provide children with plenty of challenging and engaging activities. A dedicated early learning environment like ours opens their minds to endless development opportunities. They can socialise with their peers and learn to share, imagine, and be creative. 

We have an amazing team who are dedicated to their roles as educators. Everyone works within the age group they love, and we have a roster that suits their lifestyle, so families are greeted every day by someone who is happy and familiar and a regular part of their child's life. 

We start every day with happy greetings as everyone arrives, and because we have such a long-standing team, the centre is always filled with laughter. We have many families returning with siblings and bringing their friends along to share the experience. 

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