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Renee Kennedy

Centre Manager - Greenwood Dural

“I have grown to understand the importance of providing children with meaningful experiences, a play-based learning environment, along with providing a nurturing environment to come to.”

My career in early childhood education and care started in 2003 and I have been working at Greenwood Dural since 2018. I have completed my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care along with a Diploma in Leadership and Business Management.

I have always been inspired by the way children view the world. I love their inquisitive nature as they wonder, investigate, and make new discoveries through their play and their interactions with others. I believe the biggest thing in a child’s life is to feel loved and to have that sense of belonging and comfort when they enter an environment and that is exactly what we endeavour to provide here at Greenwood Dural. I am excited to be the Centre Manager of such an early education and child care centre and feel honoured I get to lead an amazing team of educators who share my vision for providing quality education and care to children under six years.

Throughout my time in early education and child care I have grown to understand the importance of providing children with meaningful experiences, a play-based learning environment along with providing a nurturing environment to come to. That is why here at Greenwood Dural we aim to inspire curiosity, mystery and magic while evoking friendship, trust, respect, comfort, and stability. As an experienced early childhood practitioner, I believe that access to quality early childhood education lays the foundation for lifelong learning. I also understand the many benefits of a play-based program, therefore that’s why here at Greenwood Dural we provide a rich inquiry-based learning environment where every child is supported to participate in the program.

At Greenwood Dural we have a core focus on our people, and value them for their passion, commitment, and personal contribution, recognising them as our greatest asset. Our team of early childhood educators are qualified, experienced, caring and highly motivated. Our team works hard to ensure that our child care centre feels like a home away from home for your little one. We ensure that our curriculums and routines are tailored to suit their individual needs. Above all here at Greenwood Dual we strive to have a team that works together to create the best possible environment and program for all children and families that attend our daycare centre. We support families to feel comfortable and welcome by greeting them in a friendly manner when they arrive at the centre. We are always available to answer any family enquiries about their child’s learning at the centre, both formally and informally and encourage you to share with us. The family breakfast bar is stocked with freshly baked goods each morning for families to enjoy.

Our families are provided with a comprehensive enrolment and orientation process that is based on the individual needs of the family. We can assist families to complete their enrolment forms and to assist with understanding and optimising their Child Care Subsidy (CCS). We provide families with current information about the centre through various methods. Information is emailed out to families in our weekly catch up emails and our centre also displays and information in the foyer. Families receive regular updates via Xplor which gives them information about community events as well.

A fun fact about me is that I have a 13yr old Malteese x mini poodle called Portia that loves visiting the children at the centre.

Our team cannot wait to meet you and welcome you to the Greenwood Dural community!

Call to enquire 1800 413 921